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Electronic Banking

Edgewater Bank offers electronic banking services to provide greater convenience and more flexibility for customers. 

Services vary from simple ATM cards to Internet banking and cash management services.  More information on the various electronic banking services is included below. For more information on security tips and policies, click here.

ATM Card

Edgewater Bank provides an ATM card to qualified customers, linked to their checking account and/or savings account.  ATM cards may be used at Edgewater ATM machines along with thousands of non-Edgewater (“foreign”) ATM machines nationwide. 

As a convenience to non-business customers, depending on the type of account, Edgewater reimburses customers for up to six non-Edgewater charges per statement cycle.

Debit Card

A debit card is available for qualified customers.  An Edgewater debit card serves as both a traditional ATM card as well as a point of sale debit card.  The card, issued by Edgewater, provides a more convenient way to buy the products and services wherever MasterCard® is accepted.

Internet Banking

Edgewater Bank provides Internet banking services to its customers through its website (www.edgewaterbank.com).  Once signed up for Internet banking, customers may view their accounts, transfer money between accounts, print statements and/or copies of checks, establish automatic recurring transfers, make Edgewater Bank loan payments, and perform other functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Internet banking is convenient and safe.  All it takes is an Internet connection.  Any of our branch sales staff can help establish a new Internet banking account.   

Bill Pay Services

An additional feature of Internet banking is electronic bill pay services. Bill pay services allow customers to initiate payments electronically, thus avoiding writing a paper check and mailing it off. Customers may pay anyone through Edgewater’s bill pay services, from the local paper carrier to utility and credit card companies. Customers set up vendors on their bill pay account with proper account numbers and identification information. From that point, all a customer needs to do is insert a payment amount and initiate the payment process. If the entity being paid has an electronic clearing account (credit card companies, utility companies, etc.), they receive the payment electronically. If the entity being paid does not have an electronic clearing account (local newspaper carrier), a paper check will be mailed through Edgewater’s bill pay provider. 

Bill pay services provide convenience and clear record keeping. Customers are able to view bill pay history by date, vendor, or amount.

To sign up for bill pay services, please contact one of our branch sales staff.

Cash Management

As a business owner, you understand the effect that complex transactions can have on your cash flow. With cash management Service from Edgewater Bank, you can consolidate and integrate every aspect of payment management from beginning to end.

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Cash Management Service

PopMoney (Electronic Person-to-Person Cash Transfers)

PopMoney allows customers to send money to anyone, just by having their email address. Similar to services offered through PayPal, PopMoney lets customers electronically send funds for personal or business reasons by indicating the amount to be sent, the Edgewater account the funds are coming from, and the email address of the recipient. The recipient receives an email indicating that money has been sent to them along with instructions on how to retrieve the funds. This quick and safe method of sending money eliminates the need and delay of mailing paper checks, plus the recipient avoids the hassle of taking the check to the bank for deposit and potentially waiting for funds to clear. Please note: there may be a processing delay the first time a new recipient uses this service. After the initial set-up, PopMoney funds are available to the recipient immediately.


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