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Savings Accounts

Maintaining a personal savings account is beneficial to securing your personal or family financial needs. Edgewater Bank has several different ways for you to set aside money for short or long term budgeting. Your Edgewater Bank savings account can be linked to your Edgewater Bank checking account for overdraft protection and to help prevent overdraft fees.

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Personal Money


of Deposit


Earn a competitive interest rate while enjoying convenient access for unexpected expenses or purchases.

A combination of convenience and return for customers who plan on maintaining a higher balance with immediate access to funds.

Make contributions throughout the year and receive your savings via direct deposit in October.

Lock in competitive interest rate for periods from 3 to 60 months.

Minimum to Open





Interest Bearing

Quarterly Interest

Monthly Interest

Interest at Term

Interest based on Term

Monthly Fee

$2.00 Service Fee

$10.00 Service Fee

No Service Fee

No Service Fee

Balance to Avoid Fee

$200.00 minimum Balance to avoid fee.

$500.00 minimum balance to avoid fee.

No withdrawal to avoid fee except in October.

No early withdrawals to avoid fee and penalties.

Transaction Limitations

4 free withdrawals, $.50 per withdrawal over 4.

6 Pre-authorized Transfers per Statement Cycle.



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