Our History

About Edgewater Bank

Edgewater Bank was originally organized in 1910 as a state-chartered mutual savings and loan association under the name Industrial Building and Loan, located in Buchanan, Michigan. In 1938, the Bank converted to a federal charter and changed its name to Buchanan Federal Savings and Loan Association. The Bank changed its name in 1965 to LaSalle Federal Savings and Loan Association of Buchanan, and in 1989 to LaSalle Federal Savings Bank. The Bank changed its name to Edgewater Bank in 2005.

In January 2014, the Bank converted from a mutual to a shareholder form of ownership. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) generated capital to facilitate the growth of the organization. The IPO established Edgewater Bancorp as the shareholder-owned organization and the sole shareholder of Edgewater Bank.

During mid-2017, Edgewater Bancorp converted from a Savings and Loan Holding Company to a Commercial Bank Holding Company, and Edgewater Bank converted from a federally-chartered Thrift to a State of Michigan-chartered Commercial Bank.

Edgewater is headquartered in St. Joseph, Michigan and operates four additional branch offices in Royalton Township, Coloma, Bridgman, and Buchanan, Michigan.

Our Mission

We are focused on building strong relationships with our clients, communities, and stockholders. Our mission statement is simple: To Profitably Provide Complete Financial Solutions and Total Customer Satisfaction.

A Message From The President & CEO

We’ve been serving Southwest Michigan for over 106 years as a trusted and respected community bank. From humble beginnings in Buchanan, MI, we’ve expanded not only our geographic footprint but also our products and services. Edgewater Bank is a full-service community bank focused on quality customer service, while offering competitive products and various delivery options.

You will know our names. You will meet us face-to-face. You can be assured we will know who you are, not just your account number. Whether you prefer traditional services performed at a teller window or Internet-based services available on your computer or smart phone, we can accommodate your wishes. We are here to serve you and structure an account and service relationship that accomplishes your goals, not to force you into products and services that you don’t want or need.

Edgewater is “THE REAL LOCAL BANK” with local involvement, local decision-making, local investment, and local staff/board members. We are proud of who we are and what we stand for, and we’re confident you will enjoy the Edgewater Way of banking.

Richard E. Dyer




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