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Edgewater Bank is a community bank that is 100+ years strong. Our approach to homeownership is different than larger, corporate banks take. Bigger banks must streamline their mortgage products and services. Their loan officers have very little give-and-take to match your needs.

At Edgewater Bank, it’s the opposite experience. We take a very flexible, personalized, one-on-one approach to your mortgage or home equity loan requests. All of our loan decisions are made locally. The process is fast. Hassle-free. And our rates are competitive. As the stories below explain, our approach makes a difference in families’ lives. We want to make a difference in yours … right here.

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Greg & HeatherGreg & Heather

“Our realtor recommended Edgewater Bank for our mortgage.” Greg and Heather needed a non-traditional mortgage loan.So, their realtor guided them to a new home and Edgewater Bank.

Greg and Heather talked with us about their needs. Together we reviewed multiple mortgage loan choices until we found one that was just right. “Having our mortgage handled locally is important to us, just like having a local checking and savings account,” said Greg. “Edgewater Bank meets all of our financial needs. It fits us like our house does.”

If you want your banking to be personalized to your needs, come to Edgewater Bank. We’re just down the road.

Kathy & Greg WeykampKathy & Greg Weykamp

“Edgewater has saved us a ton of money.” Greg and Kathy Weykamp direct an international waterfront and marina design company. As they travel around the world, both say there’s no place like home. So, they approached Edgewater Bank for their mortgage loan because decisions and services are local.

“They helped us lower our mortgage rates twice. Both times the process was fast and smooth,” explained Greg and Kathy. For a hassle-free mortgage loan or refinancing, apply at Edgewater Bank. Like Greg and Kathy, you’ll bank close to home.

If you want your banking to be personalized to your needs, come to Edgewater Bank. We’re just down the road.

Frank & Kathleen SantFrank & Kathleen Sant

“Edgewater Bank made moving here so easy.” Normally, buying a house involves a lot of work. But it was extra challenging for Frank and Kathleen Sant. Frank had moved into an apartment to operate Falcon Lakeside Manufacturing. Kathleen was still living on the east side of the state. When it was time for the Sants to buy a house in Southwest Michigan, they applied for a mortgage at Edgewater Bank.

“We were two busy people living in two locations,” said Frank. “Edgewater Bank handled almost all of the details. The process was very hands-off for us. Very smooth. They adapted to our needs.”

Want one less hassle when moving your family here? Talk to Edgewater Bank about a mortgage loan. We make becoming a local faster and easier.

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