Business Savings

Savings Accounts

Your business or organization has needs that go beyond day- to- day transactions. With Edgewater Bank’s business savings accounts, you can find an account to fit your seasonal cash flow and capital requirements.

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Money Market

of Deposit


Earn interest while enjoying convenient access for unexpected expenses or purchases.

A combination of easy access to funds and return for customers who maintain a higher balance.

Lock in a competitive interest rate for periods from 3 to 60 months.

Minimum to Open




Interest Bearing

Monthly Interest

Monthly Interest

Interest rate based on CD term

Monthly Fee

$2.00 Service Fee

$10.00 Service Fee

No Service Fee

Balance to avoid fee

$200.00 to avoid fee

$500.00 to avoid fee

No early withdrawals to avoid penalty and fee

Transaction Limitations

4 free withdrawals, $1.00 per withdrawal over 4

6 Pre-authorized Transfers per Statement Cycle




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